Motorhome Security Solutions

Vehicle theft has been rising at an alarming rate, with official statistics showing a 62% rise since 2013. Specific data on motorhome theft is more difficult to obtain but Police have highlighted worrying spikes of motorhome theft in certain parts of the UK.

With Motorhomes commanding a significant investment and often home to valuable possessions and equipment, they are popular targets for thieves. Fortunately there are an array of specialist security products available to help you to protect your motorhome.

Ghost Immobiliser

Career criminals targeting expensive vehicles have an array of tools at their disposal to aid them in overriding and bypassing manufacturer’s security systems. Such tools enable covert entry, whereby thieves can then quickly gain control of the vehicle.

Each model of vehicle can have different vulnerabilities and with advances in technology, so too new techniques are always being developed. The Ghost Immobiliser is an excellent security enhancement for your motorhome that protects your vehicle against modern theft techniques, including key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft.

Featuring an innovative engine lockout mechanism that uses the data network on the vehicle, the Ghost will prevent a vehicle from being driven until a unique user-defined disarm sequence is entered. The unique disarm sequence is generated via the buttons in your vehicles such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console.

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Door Locks

Maple offer a variety of door locks for use on traditional panel van doors, some of which can also be adapted for use on campervans. A selection of mechanical locking solutions are listed below.

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A mechanical key operated lock that offers an effective security application. HookLocks are a secondary mortice style lock that operates independently of the standard OE locking mechanism, they provide an excellent level of physical protection in the event of a forced attack.

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The newest additional to the Maple locking range, BondLock is an innovative security system that is designed to protect your vehicles against modern theft techniques. Installed on the inside of the vehicle, BondLock is a flexible solution which can be tailored for individual door or vehicle specifications, making allowances for operational flexibility for different vehicle builds.

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A highly visible locking solution installed to the exterior of the vehicle. The unique angled outer shell is manufactured from a lightweight yet durable alloy to deflect direct hammer blows; the inter-locking (anti-jemmy) body prevents the doors from being crowbarred or jemmied apart; whilst the body itself incorporates hardened steel / anti-drill inserts to prevent circumventing of the locking system.

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