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Thatcham Cat 2-1 Alarm

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The van is the backbone of British industry and we understand the importance of protecting it against theft. Career criminals specifically target trade vans for their ‘theft attractive’ tools and goods, which is why you need a security system that delivers complete peace of mind.

The most advanced alarm system on the market

Maple provides an advanced van security system in the form of the Thatcham Category One alarm. The alarm integrates into the existing vehicle immobiliser, taking your van protection from Category Two to a more advanced and effective Category one security system, with a host of features to ensure your fleet of vans are completely protected against theft.

The Thatcham Cat 2-1 system is insurance accredited. The alarm interfaces into the existing vehicle central locking to provide a simple user-friendly experience that ensures the alarm is automatically set once the vehicle is locked via the OE remote control.


A wealth of features to secure your fleet

The Thatcham 2-1 system has a range of features designed to combat vehicle theft and is compatible with both panel vans and box vans. An advanced ultrasonic detector protects the cab, with door, bonnet and ignition triggers, as well as ignition anti-hotwiring for added protection.

Arming input and trigger output can both be monitored by 3rd party tracking systems, with intelligent false alarm protection to ensure the system only alerts you to genuine attempts of theft. You can also set your own PIN code to over-ride the alarm system, while a battery back-up ensures your vans are protected 24/7.


Upgrade today

For peace of mind and the highest levels of protection, the cat 2-1 van alarm system is the ideal choice. This system provides the most advanced security features on the market and insurance accreditation gives you the extra peace of mind which comes with knowing your fleet of vans are secure round the clock.

Upgrading your security system will give you the maximum cover possible. For more information on the Thatcham 2-1 system or to have yours fitted, simply contact our expert team today.


Features & Benefits

  • Arming and Disarming of the alarm system with the vehicle’s original remote controls
  • Ultrasonic detector (with override facility) to protect the cab
  • Intelligent Battery Back-up siren
  • The alarm can be controlled via the OEM remote control if the vehicle has central locking
  • Siren chirps with arming and disarming of the alarm system (selectable)
  • PIN code over-ride
  • Door trigger input
  • Bonnet trigger input
  • Ignition trigger input
  • False alarm nuisance prevention
  • Pager / tracker arming input
  • Pager / tracker trigger output
  • Additional 4 button remotes can be added for full control
  • Door open audible warning
  • Ignition anti-hotwire
  • Central Locking outputs
  • Alarm trigger diagnostics
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