Van Locks

Look no further for your van lock needs. Maple Fleet Services have over three decades of experience in providing high quality van locks for commercial vehicles and we’re one of the originators of slam lock technology.

Maple built a reputation based on our high standards in van security. Our industry-leading locks are utilised by a wide range of van fleet operators across the United Kingdom, from parcel delivery companies, to electronic retailers. Our experience of developing high security, innovative van locks has made Maple Fleet Services a trusted name that fleet operators turn to time and time again for their high security van locks.

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Activlock OE

The Activlock OE system converts panel van central locking into a slamlock operation. This van lock is ideal for multi-drop operators or drivers who are frequently in and out of their vehicles throughout the working day. Once the door is closed, it is locked.

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Activlock Secure

Activlock Secure is a high security slamlock for optimum van security and is completely independent of the manufacturer’s lock. When doors are closed a heavy-duty shoot-bolt is fired to secure the load area, making this an extremely secure van lock. Doors are released again via the use of a transponder.

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Freightlock IQ

The Freightlock IQ provides the absolute highest level of van security for a panel van within the Maple product range. Freightlock IQ is controlled via its own air compressor, ensuring that whenever a door is closed it is automatically locked while the Maple IQ Access Control platform provides the intelligence to control who opens the van, as well as when and where it can be opened.

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Vanguard Deadlock

Key operated van locks offer a substantial increase to the security of your vehicle, at a most cost effective price. Utilising a Kaba Grundmann key cylinder, these deadlocks combat all manor of attack and attempt to access your vehicle.

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A manual key operated van lock that offers optimum protection to your vans side loading and rear doors. A physically strong solution, Armourhsell has been designed to combat all common methods of attack to van doors.

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