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BondLock – Securing your vehicle and protecting your business

BondLock is an innovative security system that is designed to protect your vehicles against modern theft techniques, whilst offering a host of fleet management benefits. BondLock has been engineered to offer optimum protection against common forced physical attacks, such as the notorious peel and steal method, whilst also guarding against the new generation of keyless theft techniques where perpetrators bypass the manufacturers existing security and central locking systems.

The patented design provides resistance against different theft techniques and not just a single vehicle-specific weakness. The locking mechanism, which has been proven under attack conditions to resist prolonged forced assault, is installed inside the load area for optimum protection and is capable of withstanding a tensile load of more than 2 tonnes.

Tailored van security solutions

What really sets BondLock apart is how you can quickly and simply tailor the system to meet your requirements and budget. You can select between single or multi-point locking options, specify your access control method and even add a host of powerful fleet management options such as emergency access (in the event of lost keys) and remote unlocking capabilities.

Features & Benefits


High Security

Designed to combat modern theft techniques & capable of withstanding prolonged attack

Single or Multi-Point Locking

Tailor the specification to meet your own security requirements

Independent Control

Works independently of manufacturers central locking system

Slamlock or Manual Operation

Select either automatic slamlock operation for convenience or manual locking operation for flexibility

Unique Patented Design

Features a powerful, innovative ball bearing lock mechanism

Internally Mounted

Lock mounted to the inside of the door for maximum protection against forced attack

Attack Resistant

Combats common theft techniques such as peel & steal attack and keyless theft


Suitable for use on side sliding doors, barndoors & tailgate applications

Low Maintenance

Features a self-adjusting locking keep that allows for door movement over time

Internal Release

Internal release mechanism provides means of escape from inside the vehicle

Access Control

Available with different access control options, including key, 2 button remote or via the Maple HF Green platform (transponder)

Emergency Disarm Sequence

Gain entry via emergency access codes in event of lost or stolen keys

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