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Traditional locking and sealing methods for commercial vehicles are outdated and vulnerable to misuse. They offer little protection to your goods in transit operations and provide no tangible accountability.

Manual systems that consist of disposable single use seals, padlocks or seal cables are wholly reliant on individuals using them correctly and arguably raise many more questions than they resolve. Was the vehicle locked, who has a key for the padlock, was the seal applied correctly (or did it merely appear to be), was the load area accessed en-route, when and by whom?

In short is the control and integrity of your goods in transit sufficient?

Next Generation of Vehicle Sealing & Load Integrity

Developed specifically for use on commercial vehicles shutter doors, Integritas revolutionises the sealing and locking of vulnerable load areas. For the first time you can guarantee the integrity of your vehicle and its cargo is maintained at all times, introducing a level of clarity never previously experienced.

An automatic, electronic tamper evident security seal with integrated lock, Integritas is a self-powered solution that delivers the ultimate in reliability and user friendly operation. Integritas completely automates sealing procedures, with each and every door event captured as part of a comprehensive audit trail, including seal number, door status, date and time of event.

No ambiguity, no grey areas, no questions – Integritas, the next generation of vehicle sealing and load integrity.

Features & Benefits


Physical Security

A robust shutter door locking system for use on all Whiting shutter door applications

Integrated Electronic Sealing

Automatically generated 5 digit electronic seal number upon door closure (random or sequential)

Simple Access Control

Access fobs can be programmed to unlock single vehicles or fleet wide access. Lost fobs can also be re-issued with the original deleted from the system.

Challenge Response (Keyless Access)

A powerful feature which is particularly useful for large fleets, where key management can be operationally challenging. Challenge Response, allows the user to generate single use unlocking codes on the secure Integritas web application, thus eliminating the need for keys or fobs.

Slamlock action

Doors are locked and secured as soon as the door handle is securely engaged, thus providing reassurance that if doors are closed your cargo is secure.

No Sealing Cables

With no additional seal or sealing cables to administer, there is no ambiguity over whether the system is being used correctly, nor is there any capacity for a seal not to be applied.

High visibility LED display

Easy to read, high visibility display, making it ideal in all weather and light conditions.

Full audit trail

Each and every door open event is captured as part of a comprehensive audit trail, detailing who access your vehicles and when.

Reporting Suite

All data and audit trails can be viewed on the Integritas web portal, where operators can generate detailed reports in seconds.


Integritas is a self-powered system, with a long-life battery offering upwards of 20,000 operations. Without any requirement for vehicle power, Integritas is simple and quick to install.

Emergency Access

In the event of lost keyfobs (or keys are locked inside), Integritas offers secure, failsafe emergency access via single use access codes (obtained via Integritas web portal)

Internal Release

Integritas has the option of an internal release handle.

GateHouse Integration

Automatically capture vehicle load status and activity data when the vehicle arrives at the gatehouse. This can be viewed live within the gatehouse, helping to streamline processing times and reducing queues.

Impressive ROI

Integritas can help to reduce operational costs and return an impressive ROI


Integritas is a convenient, user friendly system that helps you to streamline operations, improve load integrity and uncover previously unobtainable information about who accesses your vehicles, when and where. A completely self-powered system it fits easily to existing vehicle doors to provide an automated, self contained, electronic lock and seal.


Each and every door event is automatically captured as part of a comprehensive audit trail, allowing you to gain complete transparency over load access events. It also reinforces individual’s responsibilities for goods under their control and ensures the correct procedures are followed. The system provides you with the tools to quickly identify anomalies and interrogate the data in the event of unusual activity or incidents of theft.


With Integritas, you have the reassurance of knowing that you can securely access your vehicles load area whenever you need to – even if the keys have been locked inside or misplaced. Simply log on to the Integritas web portal and securely access emergency, single use access PIN numbers for your vehicle, ensuring you do not encounter missed deliveries or delays to your vehicle operations.


As regulations evolve to provider tighter control over the movement of goods within the supply chain and security threats intensify; it is essential you are able to prove the integrity of your vehicles contents. Integritas makes this a seamless and cost effective process – protect your fleet and your business with Integritas.

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