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Loading and unloading a trailer, especially with the use of a forklift truck can be a dangerous task, with the potential for an uncoupled trailer to become unstable and prone to toppling over, causing injury and costly damages.

When the trailer is uncoupled the weight distribution of the cargo and trailer can move, from above the axle wheels (when fully loaded) to over the trailer support wheels (when part loaded) without the operator realising it.

Under these conditions operating a fork-lift truck may result in damage to the trailer chassis, the road surface or present a serious health & safety risk should the trailer tip or fall forward.

This can be prevented with Maple’s ‘Trailer Support.’ Designed to be easily maneuvered, the Trailer Support, should be positioned in front of the king pin at the front of the trailer, acting as a trailer stabiliser / 3rd support while loading & unloading.

Features & Benefits

  • Lifting capacity – 22,000Kg
  • Static capacity – 45,000Kg
  • Adjustable Height :1004-1295mm
  • Weight: Approximately 72 kg
  • High-visual yellow coating to prevent accidental damage from coupling
  • ’Trailer Support’ is mounted on wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Locks into place quickly and easily
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