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Barndoor Freightlock

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As part of a comprehensive range of user friendly truck locks and trailer security applications, the latest addition to the FreightLock family is designed specifically for use on barn / swing type doors.

A high security option, the heavy-duty locking bolts are fitted on the inside of the load area doors, to provide optimum protection against any potential attack. The standard configuration provides a slamlock operation, ensuring load area doors are automatically locked upon closure, which in turn offers you and your customers the reassurance that cargo is always secure.

A flexible and reliable solution, Barndoor FreightLock is a pneumatically powered solution, controlled via the use of uniquely coded transponders. In the event a transponder is lost or stolen, the operator can quickly and simply reprogramme replacements, rendering the original useless and maintaining the integrity of your goods in transit operations.

A physically strong and robust solution, the FreightLock system has long been the locking solution of choice for security conscious operators. Ideally suited for multi-drop and high risk, high value cargo operations, Barndoor FreightLock offers the ultimate in driver convenience, whilst providing an unmatched level of security in the industry today.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty locking application for Barndoor / Swing door applications
  • Slamlock action – automatically locks and secures doors upon closure
  • Pneumatically operated locking solution for reliability
  • The system can be installed on trailers with or without an active air supply such as demountable boxes or sea containers
  • Over 30 years reliable in service use
  • Wide variety of commercial vehicle end users
  • Environmentally tested from -40°C to +60°C
  • Low level of maintenance
  • Upgrade to Barndoor FreightLock IQ for enhanced security features, including remote access control, electronic sealing and integration with telematics

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