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For all the advances in vehicle security, human error and the failure to correctly lock van doors remains a huge problem for vehicle operators – potentially leaving a van’s load area exposed and vulnerable to opportunistic theft.

Our Thatcham Accredited mechanical slamlock range provides the answer, offering reassurance and peace of mind that if doors are closed, they’re locked. Featuring a high security Mul-T-Lock 835 cylinder, doors can only be opened by the use of correctly coded keys and with cylinders fitted to individual doors only the specific door accessed is unlocked (all other load doors remain locked).

Slamlock kits are developed for individual vehicle models to provide the optimum level of security and protection. Cylinders feature an integral dust cover which helps to prevent water, dust and dirt ingress, protecting the locking mechanism against potential clogging.

For strength we link into the manufacturers latch system and in most cases are able to offer a ‘direct release’ function, which allows the door to open when turning the key, thus providing single-handed operation, ideal for drivers who may be carrying parcels or equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Mechanical ‘slamlock’ action – locks and secures the door upon closing in one motion
  • Door specific kits & bespoke cams provide optimum security
  • Single handed key operation for all load doors
  • High security, anti drill and anti pick Mul-T-Lock 835 Series locking cylinders
  • Thatcham Accredited
  • Manufactured from the best quality corrosion resistant materials throughout
  • Wide variety of commercial vehicle end users, where a simple key system is still utilised
  • Low level of maintenance required
  • Kits available for all popular panel vans
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