Maple Manufacturing

With more than 45 years of product design and manufacturing experience, Maple are passionate about delivering high quality engineering solutions. In 2016, Maple implemented plans to manufacture all component parts in-house to aid product development and achieve the highest quality of manufacturing.

We have continued to invest in our manufacturing capabilities, expanding capacity and creating a modern ISO9001 compliant facility. Based at our head office in Stockport, the purpose built machine shop has the capabilities to produce precision components of all magnitudes.

We are able to produce components in a broad range of materials including Stainless Steel, Non Ferrous and Engineering Polymers with micron accuracy. At Maple we really emphasise quality and precision to deliver high quality components.

CNC Turning: Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200

  • Hainbuch Collet System With Rohm Tail Stock
  • 8 Inch Chuck Size
  • Maximum Machining Diameter 65mm
  • 5000 Max RPM
  • Number Of Tools = 12

CNC Milling: Mazak Vertical Center Primos 400S

  • Renishaw Probing System
  • Maximum Capacity 600mm (X) 400mm (Y)
  • 12,000 Max RPM
  • Number Of Tools = 19
  • BT30 Taper
  • High Speed Rapid Rate = 60m/min

CNC Milling: Mazak Vertical Center Smart 530C

  • Maximum Capacity 1300mm (X) 550mm (Y)
  • 12,000 Max RPM
  • Rapid Rate = 42m/min
  • Number Of Tools = 30
  • BT 40 Taper

Manual Capacity

  • Emcomat EM17S Lathe
  • XYZ SMX2500 Milling Machine
  • Pillar Drill
  • Halo Laser Etching Machine
  • XYZ Fast Tapping Arm
  • Chop Saw

Inspection Equipment

  • Faro Arm Gage Plus
  • CMM 2021

Manufacturing Services


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