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Safe Trailer Coupling

Trailer coupling accidents continue to blight our industry, with the potential to cause serious injury and even fatalities. The impact to businesses can also be devastating; with estimates suggesting the direct and indirect costs could reach as high as £1million for a single runaway incident.

Perhaps what resonates and exasperates those involved with such accidents the most is that they are entirely avoidable. Rollaway and crushing incidents, caused by the inadvertent release of trailer brakes are as a direct result of unsafe practices or procedures.

In an effort to raise awareness about the dangers associated with the coupling and uncoupling process and to promote best practice, Maple, together with a host of industry professionals are spearheading a campaign for, ‘A new Era of Trailer Safety.’



To raise awareness about the importance of following safe coupling procedures and the associated dangers of failing to do so and encourage safe trailer coupling practices.

SafeConnect, from Maple has been designed to prevent trailer coupling accidents. Having launched the safe coupling device, in 2013, Maple have conducted in depth research around coupling practices. Our findings have shown just how widespread and deep rooted this issue is, with as many as 2 in 3 drivers claiming to have witnessed rollaway or near miss incidents and perhaps even more worryingly 80% of these go unreported.

This information is vital to all commercial vehicle drivers and operators – by increasing understanding, aiding knowledge and making improvements to coupling procedures, quite simply lives could be saved.

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