Van Security Tips

Guarding Against Van Crime

After a sustained period of relative calm, where vehicle theft had reached the lowest point for 48 years, there has been an alarming resurgence in van crime in recent years.  Criminals are exploiting new techniques to overcome manufacturers security systems to illicitly access and steal vehicles and their contents and these tools, are all readily available.

Of even greater concern for fleet operators and van owners is that panel vans are topping the list of targeted vehicles, with the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter leading the way as the most stolen vehicle on the road.

Much of the recent surge in LCV crime can be attributed to new keyless theft techniques. Initially the crime appeared to be isolated to high end cars, which were in all likelihood being stolen to order, but increasingly LCV’s are falling victim. So, just what can be done to combat this alarming increase in van crime? Download our ‘Van Security Guide’ for some simple measures that can help to protect your assets and dramatically improve the security of your van, deterring thieves from even attempting to break into your vehicle and making their task infinitely more difficult in the event they do try.

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