Since claiming the prestigious 2013 Motor Transport Innovation Award in early July, SafeConnect has been something of a hot topic amongst trailer operators. Praised by the judges as being a simple, practical solution whilst remaining cost effective for users, a number of high profile operators have already chosen to utilise SafeConnect throughout their fleets in an effort to improve health & safety and help prevent coupling accidents.

It is widely accepted that rollaway and crushing incidents often occur due to a failure to apply the trailer park brake, and or the tractor handbrake during coupling. By the very nature of this task the driver is out of the cab and helpless to reverse the situation. Although an astute driver may think to quickly remove the Emergency (Red) airline in order to stop the vehicle, all too often their first instinct is to reach the cab in an attempt to regain control, potentially resulting in serious injury or even fatality.

Mounted underneath a trailer at a point close the king-pin, SafeConnect effectively blocks air flow between the tractor and trailer units whilst coupling is completed, ensuring the brakes remain applied throughout the process. Only once the driver returns to their cab and depresses the foot brake will normal braking functionality be restored, thus ensuring that the driver is out of harm’s way and retains full control of the vehicle at all times.

As awareness of this all too frequent and often fatal threat continues to grow within the commercial logistics sector, so to does the interest in SafeConnect. Designed to be compatible with any trailer featuring a air-braking system, SafeConnect can be retrofitted to existing fleets as well as new vehicles.

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Hear what Maple Fleet Services’ Technical Director, Alan Maple had to say upon collecting the 2013 Motor Transport Innovation Award.

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