Maple’s IQ range helps ‘seal the deal’ for Priestley

London based Priestley SDT, a long standing user of Maple Fleet Services’ security products has been awarded the TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) level 1 certificate. This highly sought-after accreditation identifies that Priestley SDT comply with the very highest levels of secure transportation of high value goods.

Priestley SDT is the first and only UK transport operator to be granted TSR level 1 certification and is one of only seven other companies inside Europe to hold the same level of accreditation. This highly coveted approval is recognition of Priestley SDT’s continued commitment to providing their customers with the highest possible level of security against the threat of theft and attack.

As avid users of Maple’s IQ product range Priestley SDT and their customers benefit from a wide range of intelligent security features. The high security locking and sealing application allows Priestley SDT to remotely control the security on each vehicle from anywhere in the world, whilst the bespoke software provides a live feed of each vehicle’s location and security status.

“We are delighted to have been awarded TSR level 1 by TAPA, it makes all of our hard work and investment worthwhile. Security is our number one priority and it’s imperative that our customers’ cargo is protected at all costs.

We’ve built up a strong relationship with Maple over the past twelve years and they understand our customer’s requirements. There is no doubt that their locking and sealing solutions aided in securing our certification from TAPA,” commented Mark Priestley, Priestley Secure Transport Distribution Director.

“We offer our sincerer congratulations to Priestley SDT. Mark and his team have worked tirelessly to gain TAPA TSR 1 certification and all of their hard work has been recognized. We have always believed that those companies who take security seriously will reap the benefits and Priestley SDT have proved that.

We are passionate about the quality, reliability and integrity of our IQ product range, and I’m delighted that Priestley SDT has secured their TAPA TSR level 1 certificate,” commented Alan Maple, Maple Fleet Services Technical Director.

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