Maple Support Cancer Research UK

Maple nominated Charity – Cancer Research UK

Maple have recently appointed ‘Cancer Research UK’ as our nominated charity for 2019. Having lost a very dear and valued colleague to Cancer in 2017, this is a cause very close to our hearts and we are committed to raising as much money as possible in support of their great work.

Our charity drive started as 2018 drew towards a close with staff members at Stockport & Hinckley sites running a ‘Donate Instead’ campaign, where colleagues were contributed a donation to Cancer Research UK in lieu of sending greetings cards to one another.

In March, the company launched ‘Maple Lotto.’ A series of prizes were up for grabs, with lottery tickets available to all employees. The lottery will be operated every quarter, with all proceeds raised donated to the cause.

To date Maple have raised £277.05, with further fund raising activities planned for later in the year.


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