Maple remain open for business

All business operations remain open & priority service extended for carriers of critical goods

As we head once more into a period of tighter measures, we wanted to reassure you that Maple will remain open for business.

We are as committed as ever to supporting our customers through this period and will continue to do so, in as safe and secure way as possible. Maple are continually reviewing government guidance to ensure that we are both complaint and have suitable safeguards in place for the safety of our customers and staff.

We are aware that many of our clients are involved with logistics operations for critical goods and services and will face increasing pressure over the coming months. To this end, Maple are once again extending a priority service for our clients involved in the delivery or movement of critical goods, should the need arise for repair or maintenance. If you require any further information regarding this service please contact the sales team on 0333 012 9108 or via email at

As ever, the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers remain the highest of priorities and we are dedicated to supporting you, now and throughout this process.

Finally, we would like to send our best wishes to you all and hope you remain safe and well!
The Maple team

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