High Demand for Vehicle Security as Migrant Threat Intensifies

Attacks against drivers, smashed windscreens, migrants clinging to a trailers roof and violent diversions. Just a selection of incidents in the past few weeks that truck drivers have had to face whilst trying to negotiate the Calais border. The object remains the same, migrants trying to conceal themselves within the vehicle in order to gain entry to the UK but the tactics and methods being employed are becoming increasingly desperate and more extreme.
Since the migrant crisis intensified in 2013/14, fines issued to hauliers have more than trebled, costing businesses £6.6million in the process. This is before even taking in to account the cost of vehicle damage, lost business and wasted loads, where an estimated £1billion of contaminated goods is being discarded every year as a direct result of load infiltration. During this period commercial vehicle security provider, Maple, has experienced a sharp increase in demand for load security solutions.
‘Encouragingly transport operators are reacting to the situation and enhancing the security of their vehicles and trailers. However despite the threat of penalties there still remains a disproportionate amount of vehicles travelling through these high risk areas that do not employ adequate security measures,’ commented Alan Maple, Technical Director of vehicle security specialist Maple.

Hauliers Obligations

Hauliers have an obligation to protect their vehicles and their drivers when crossing borders. This includes employing practical measures such as providing driver training and ensuring checklists are provided for the driver to follow and complete. The Civil penalty prevention of clandestine entrants code of practice also states that “When final loading has been completed, the load space must be secured immediately by lock, seal or other security device, which prevents unauthorised entry.” Failure to follow such advice would lead to fines in the event of clandestine entry. Maple have produced a comprehensive Vehicle Security Guide that offers further advice and guidance to operators, you can download a copy from their website (

Protecting Your Vehicle

Alan Maple says that security should be appropriate to the vehicle itself and the goods being carried. For some operators, basic exterior mounted, physically robust locks are appropriate, such as the BDL manual locking system, which provides a good barrier against attack and of course a significant visual deterrent.

Whilst for other carriers load integrity is vital to their operations, Maple say demand for their range of integrated lock and seal solutions such as Integritas and Freightlock IQ is higher than ever. They provide automatic locking and electronic sealing together with a full audit trail of who has accessed the load area, when and where. The Freightlock IQ system offered by Maple goes even further, providing optimum physical security and additional functionality such as remote access control, so you have the peace of mind of knowing that even your driver cannot gain entry when the vehicle is in transit.

For more information on how you can protect your vehicles against clandestine entry and the threat of potential fines, visit or contact them directly for a working demonstration by calling: 0161 429 1580 or

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