Combat Rise in Van Load Theft with Maple

Maple have recently expanded their Activlock Range of electronic slamlocks for panel vans, which can help van owners and fleet operators combat the rising trend in key cloning.

Insurers have warned that the value of claims for theft of goods from vans is on the increase and has nearly doubled in the last 12 months. Thieves are increasingly targeting light commercial vehicles where the contents are potentially lucrative and vehicles maybe left in vulnerable situations. There has been an alarming trend in ‘key cloning’ incidents and the use of bypass or decoding equipment. Such attacks allow perpetrators to covertly access the vehicle, without the need to forcibly gain entry. Fortunately there are van security measures that can be adopted to protect your vehicles and your business.

The Maple Activlock Plus, is an electronic slamlock that provides a cost effective, reliable and secure solution to protect a vehicles load area and the valuable contents that thieves are targeting. Activlock Plus provides independent control of a vehicles load area door locks, whilst also ensuring that the moment a door is closed they’re locked.

Each unit is supplied with 2 high security, battery free transponders, which only unlock the load area doors once an authorised transponder is offered up to the antenna. Because the door locks are independently controlled and isolated from the existing central locking system, even in the event that a would-be-thief is able to gain access to the cab, the load area will remain locked and secured.

For more information, view the Maple Activlock range or call now on 0161 429 1580.

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