Clandestine Prevention Security Guide

Drivers attacked, supply chain at breaking point, £1billion worth of contaminated food dumped – Just a selection of the hard hitting headlines that have been banded about since the ‘Calais Crisis’ was thrust into the public domain. Whilst they may seem provocative they are a fair representation of just how severe the threat has become from illegal immigrants to commercial vehicle operators and their drivers when crossing borders.

Commercial Vehicle Security specialist, Maple, has produced a new Security Guide, aimed at transport operators and drivers who must negotiate border crossings. The guide has been produced to assist operators in preventing illegal immigrants from gaining entry to their vehicles; it also details the regulations, what is required of hauliers and drivers, discusses best practice and also looks at additional measures you can consider to improve the security of your vehicle operations.

Illegal Immigrants – The Taboo Subject

It is estimated that as many as 1 in 2 vehicles moving across borders do not have even basic security measures in place to protect their load areas. It is a startling revelation, but is indicative that there is a lack of awareness and understanding surrounding the often perceived taboo subject of illegal immigrants entering vehicles.

“The threat posed by illegal immigrants attempting to access vehicles is not necessarily a new one, however the severity of that threat has significantly intensified. We felt it was important to offer some clarity on the situation and offer guidance of exactly what is expected of carriers who are crossing borders and what can be done to further protect themselves,’ commented Paul Nunn, Marketing Manager for Maple.

Official statistics also reveal that Border Force and the French authorities, prevented more than 39,000 attempts to cross the Channel illegally in 2014/15 – more than double the number prevented the previous year. Fines to hauliers are also up more than 50% during the same period. What these figures do not show however, is the increasingly desperate measures that migrants are taking to illegally enter the UK, a situation that hauliers and drivers alike must address.

‘At Maple we are passionate about improving security standards within the Commercial Vehicle Industry, with this guide we hope to assist operators in their own effort to tackle this difficult and often sensitive issue. It has already met with much enthusiasm from a very receptive audience,’ concluded Paul Nunn.

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