Meachers Global Join the Trailer Safety Revolution


Having personally witnessed a trailer rollaway incident earlier in his career and seen first hand the dangers such incidents pose, Jamie Terris (Fleet Director, Meachers Global). had made it a personal mission to find a solution for his fleet to prevent such incidents from occurring.

“I was at Tilsbury docks when another driver was coupling up to a trailer, evidently park brakes had not been applied on the tractor unit or trailer, as soon as he applied the service lines the whole unit began to suddenly roll backwards. The speed at which it all happened was quite remarkable. The memory of that incident and the potential dangers that lurk in the background each and every time you couple a trailer left a huge impact on me and I’ve always been keen to make this a safer process for our drivers,’ comments Jamie Terris, Fleet Director, Meachers Global.



“What genuinely impressed me about SafeConnect was its relative simplicity, there were no changes to the process, nothing else for the driver to do, in fact, they don’t really need to know it’s even fitted. We just have the reassurance, the guarantee that it is not possible for trailer brakes to be released until the driver is safely back in the cab, for me it was a complete no-brainer.”

Should you be interested in hearing more about how we can help you protect your fleet, please contact our friendly team today.

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