Associated Global Logistics Add SafeConnect to Trailer Fleet


Associated Global Logistics (AGL) is one of the largest beverage logistics groups in Europe, supporting globally recognised brands such as spirit and beer producer, Diageo.

With a fleet comprising more than 175 trailers, AGL employ an uncompromising approach to health and safety with a commitment to providing drivers with the safest possible environment in which to carry out their job. It was this proactive approach that alerted them to SafeConnect, a trailer coupling safety solution that prevents trailer rollaways.


Ray Andrews, Operations Director for AGL explains, “Driver and fleet safety is a top priority for AGL, as such we are continuously reviewing our safe systems of work to ensure that we deliver on this commitment. Trailer coupling incidents are relatively rare in our industry but we should not ignore the fact, that it still has the potential to cause serious injury in the event of accident or mistake.”

Speaking abut why they opted for SafeConnect, Ray added, “What appealed to us about SafeConnect is its simplicity, it does not require any deviation from the standard coupling process but ensures that in the event that procedure is not followed, the driver is not exposed to a potentially dangerous situation.”

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