BondLock – New van lock launching at CV Show

Commercial vehicle security specialist, Maple, is set to unveil BondLock at this year’s CV Show; a new, innovative van security lock that is designed to combat modern theft techniques and features a host of exciting fleet management benefits.

From lock picking tools to code grabbers, from key emulators to electronic devices that are designed to bypass OEM systems, today’s career criminal is equipped with an ever expanding arsenal of weapons. These tools are all readily available, with their use becoming more and more widespread, as criminals continue to target vulnerable panel vans and their theft attractive content, hitting UK businesses hard.

A powerful van security solution with a host of unqiue benefits

BondLock has been engineered to combat known methods of attack to a vehicles cargo area. The innovative design provides resistance against different theft techniques and not just a single vehicle-specific weakness.

The locking mechanism, which has been proven under attack conditions to resist prolonged forced assault, is installed inside the load area for optimum protection and is capable of withstanding a tensile load of more than 2 tonnes. Controlled independently, BondLock also guards against the new generation of vehicle hacking and keyless theft techniques where the manufacturers existing security and central door locking systems are simply bypassed.

What really sets BondLock apart is how you can quickly and simply tailor the system to meet your requirements and budget. Users can select between single or multi-point locking options and manual or automatic (slamlock) setting locks. Furthermore, fleet operators can take advantage of flexible access control options such as emergency access PIN entry (in the event keys are lost or locked inside a vehicle) and remote unlocking capabilities (via the use of compatible telematics solutions).

“The ways in which panel vans are attacked has changed quite dramatically in recent years, it is no longer the case that van owners are guarding against opportunism or simplistic door attacks. Criminals are adopting increasingly more resourceful and sophisticated techniques to attack vehicles, consequently the way in which we secure our vehicles must also evolve to keep ahead of the perpetrators. BondLock has been designed to protect against known methods of attack and future proof your vehicles at the same time. We are delighted to launch BondLock and believe it to be the most secure van lock on the market,’ commented Paul Nunn, Marketing Manager for Maple.

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