Access Control key to combatting cargo crime

It is widely acknowledged that the most vulnerable part of the supply chain is when goods are in transit. Ominously that risk has never been greater.

Cargo crime is on the rise, between 2018 and 2019, the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) reported a 114% increase in the number of cargo crime incidents captured across the EMEA region. Even during the enforced lockdowns throughout 2020, these trends have shown little sign of reversing and as restrictions begin to ease, there are stark warnings over a pending cargo crime spike.

Whilst fleet operators are increasingly taking steps to mitigate the impact of cargo crime by employing more robust physical security solutions on their vehicles, often there is little consideration afforded to the role of access control and how such systems are managed in the field.

At Maple, we work closely with clients to identify the right fit for their own logistics operation, supporting a flexible range of access control solutions that focus on efficiency and ease of implementation. Here we take a look at a range of options available for Maple’s high security locking applications.

Access Control Options

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Key Validation

An effective approach for large fleet operations, ensuring any lost or missing fobs are quickly taken out of circulation, preserving security and providing simple, hassle free access control management.

The system allows users to ‘validate’ their access fob for a pre-defined period of time (e.g. Duration of a shift, 24 hours etc) by presenting their fob to a validation unit. Once the time period expires, access for the user is disabled until they initiate the procedure once more.

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Challenge Response

This option enables operators to remove the need for access keys or fobs completely.

Using the electronic seal number generated by the locking device, authorised users can obtain single use access codes via a secure web portal, which are used to gain access to a vehicles load area.

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Remote Access Control

For high security operations, Maple locking applications can be integrated with 3rd party telematics solutions to provide an enhanced level of control.

This powerful option provides you with the ability to lockdown vehicles remotely from anywhere in the world. Once the vehicle arrives at the correct destination and its location is verified access can be granted to authorised personnel.

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