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Vanguard Slamlock

High security mechanical slamlocks available for purchase to protect your van’s panel side and rear load doors.

Even the most secure of locking products can run foul of the most simple of human errors. If drivers forget to lock their doors or us them incorrectly, their entire effectiveness is lost. This is where slamlocks come in. Slam locks – or ‘slam locks’ – do exactly what the name implies; once you close your door, it is locked. This makes slamlocks an extremely effective method of securing your vehicle when stepping away for even one moment.

The Vanguard Slamlock system is an internally mounted mechanical lock designed to cope with the daily rigors commercial vehicle loading doors experience. Access to the slam lock is gained through the use of a high security key system from KABA.

Developed and tested in conjunction with major fleet operators for security and corrosion resistance, the easy fit Vanguard Slamlock offers total peace of mind.
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Slamlock Keys

Because of the lapse of copyright protection since 1999, the uncontrolled circulation of key blanks means anyone can cut a copy of a key - unless you fit a Vanguard Slamlock system, that is. Our slam locks provide the highest standard in vehicle security.

The KABA 20 high security key barrel not only allows over one million different combinations, but is also a completely controlled and registered system - which means a key can only be duplicated direct from the manufacturer under our proper authorisation.

So when you fit your panel van with one of our Vanguard Slamlocks, you can be sure you are fitting the definitive system in key security.