CART Security Guide




The Cargo And Road Transport (CART) Security Guide is the result of a collaborative project between key industry stakeholders; providing a unique resource that discusses major security threats, best practice and potential solutions to cargo crime.

The aim of this guide is to raise awareness of security throughout individual organisations, from the office cleaner to the Boardroom. All employees should be aware of the wide variety of threats which are not just physical and the common-sense measures that can often be deployed to minimise them. 


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In many respects, cargo crime is a taboo subject. It is underreported, afforded little attention by law enforcement agencies and consequently is often a misunderstood subject. The harsh reality, is it costs businesses billions of pounds every year, yet as an industry we remain inexplicably reluctant to tackle some of the pertinent issues head on which only conspires to increase the risk posed by cargo crime.

The cargo crime landscape is ever-changing and whilst positive progress has been made in the battle against this sinister threat, it is one that we must continue to counter collectively as an industry. The CART Security Guide, brings together this varying subject in one comprehensive document.

“For more than 43 years, we (Maple) have made it our business to improve the security of commercial vehicles. During this time we have worked closely with the logistics industry, marine insurance companies, vehicle and OE manufactures, police, trade originations and government bodies. It has enabled us to see the subject from all perspectives and gain a greater, well rounded understanding as a result. We have asked for involvement (on this project) from other professionals and stakeholders within the industry, who like myself share a passion for fighting cargo crime. We wanted their insight, experience and professional opinion to ensure that the guide remained as informative and relevant as possible,” commented Alan Maple, Technical Director for Maple.

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