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SlamSecure is a robust mechanical, exterior mounted truck & trailer door slamlock, designed to cope with the daily rigorous environment associated with commercial vehicles.

A user friendly system, SlamSecure is designed as an entry level locking application, circumnavigating the problems associated with padlocks and manual locks that require a driver to phsyically apply the lock each an every time the cargo doors are closed, potentially leaving them vulnerable to misuse or abuse.

SlamSecure is fabricated from corrosion resistant stainless steel with a short travel locking action to make it as easy to operate as any standard handle. Suitable for use with Bloxwhich door apparatus, Slamsecure is fitted with the high security KABA 20 series key system.

Features & Benefits

  • Fits to barndoors with Bloxwich style door gear
  • ‘Slamlock’ action – locks and secures the door upon closing in one motion
  • Improved ease of operation as the Slamsecure short travel locking action handle used is easier to operate than the original barndoor handle
  • Tamper resistant mounting hardware prevents the handle from being removed from the outside
  • Equipment can be installed in just 30 minutes
  • Can be upgraded to our ‘IQ’ electronic RFID systems with full access control capability and audit trail
  • Wide variety of commercial vehicle end users where a simple key system is the preferred option
  • Low level of maintenance required
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SlamSecure is suitable for the following vehicle types.

Trusted by thousands throughout the UK

We’ve been fitting Maple Fleet Services Slamsecure for many years now, it’s specified on all of our new build trailers. It’s easy to use, increase security and is cost effective.
Mark Brockhurst | Transport Manager

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