A new era of trailer safety

Maple are pleased to announce the launch of their Trailer Safety Campaign, which aims to tackle the dangers associated with runaway and crushing accidents during coupling. Together with a host of industry professionals, Maple is spearheading a campaign for ‘A new era of Trailer Safety’.

Having released their revolutionary safe coupling device, SafeConnect, in 2013 Maple have conducted their own research around coupling practices. Shocked by the frequency and severity of just how many operators have either witnessed or personally experienced a runaway accident, the Stockport based company launched the Trailer Safety Campaign.

Bringing together a host of useful information, industry best practice guides and Maple’s own findings, the initiative aims to provide a central hub where vital resources can be freely accessed and shared between all commercial vehicle operators. During the lead up to the CV Show, which runs between the 29th April – 01st May, Maple will continue to add new articles and features to the official Trailer Safety Campaign website.

“It is my belief that SafeConnect is a must have for trailer operators. It’s easy to use, failsafe in its operation and it can save lives. There are many dangers drivers face on a daily basis, some, like the behaviour of other road users cannot be controlled or eradicated, others, like coupling accidents, can be avoided. SafeConnect is a realistic, affordable solution,” commented Alan Maple, Technical Director, Maple Fleet Services.

From trailer locks to trailer alarms, Maple Fleet Services is the leading supplier of commercial vehicle security & safety solutions. Contact our friendly team today.

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