AMST Choose FreightLock to Defeat Retail Cargo Crime

The Project

AMS Technologies specialise in providing security solutions to the retail and logistics industries across South Africa, working with some of the most recognised brands in the region. Faced with a volatile, high-risk logistics landscape, AMST identified the need for an innovative and robust security solution that enabled their clients to evolve security procedures to mitigate the risk posed to goods in transit operations.

It was essential to the success of the project that AMS Technologies embarked on, that they were able to offer a locking application that was capable of withstanding heavy attack whilst offering reliability in service. Having trialed several mechanical options that failed to offer the required level of protection, AMST turned to the Maple FreightLock.

The Result

Peter Lipman, Director at AMS Technologies explains “We had developed a package for our clients that allowed them to gain control of their logistics operations and address the huge logistical challenges they were encountering. This was ultimately being undermined by the physical locking applications we had initially evaluated. Our main struggles were clumsy, antiquated mechanical options, usually controlled via a traditional key causing no end of access control headaches.”

“Since offering FreightLock as part of our solution, it has facilitated more than 3.7 million successful door openings and closings, without incident, thus delivering the reliability, exceptional value and high quality that one can almost not put a price on. I can quite honestly say that FreightLock has proved to be the most effective way to secure our clients assets as cargo crime continues to escalate in our country.”

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