Seven ways to prevent vehicle theft

Wherever you live, and whatever type of car you drive, you’re constantly vulnerable to vehicle theft. Modern criminals have kept pace with technology, developing ways to take even keyless cars with built-in security features. In fact, high-end vehicles are often stolen to order, making expensive cars an even bigger target!

To combat vehicle crime, you need to consider the latest security products and commonsense measures to keep your car safe. Let’s take a look at seven ways to prevent vehicle theft.

Park up wisely and well

Let’s start with the most obvious, which still catches out far too many motorists. Where you leave your car or motorcycle plays a big role in preventing vehicle theft!

This is not just about storing it in a locked garage, or, if necessary, locked up on a private driveway outside your home. When you’re out and about, don’t get complacent about your latest in-car security features. Choose a well-lit parking spot in a secure car park or street location with lots of foot traffic.

Double-check doors and belongings

It’s also shocking how many people still leave valuables in their vehicles, often on display. It’s an open invitation to break in or simply steal your car.

To prevent vehicle theft, when exiting your car, always do a thorough check. Have you taken everything out, or at least put it out of sight? Are the windows fully up and the doors locked? One split second of being distracted by your shopping, mobile phone or kids can leave you vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

Keep keys safe

This too is logical, but worth a reminder. Don’t hang your vehicle keys just inside your front door or leave them lying on countertops near windows or doors. This is another way quick-thinking criminals pounce.

Invest in vehicle theft defence products

There are excellent safety solutions for all makes and models of cars, as well as for commercial vehicles and motorcycles. These include both prevention and detection aids.

For example, a sign on your car indicating a high-end alarm or tracking device puts car thieves off. A vehicle immobiliser can reduce the incident to a break-in, rather than complete vehicle theft. Also, being able to trace a stolen car through a tracker system increases the chance of recovery by the police.

Consider traditional safety solutions

Sometimes the best way to foil vehicle thefts is a traditional security option. This includes, for example, fitting your car with a wheel clamp or steering wheel lock when you park up.

Window etching

Another way to prevent thefts of vehicles is to have your vehicle identification number (VIN) etched on windows. Getting windows replaced when they switch number plates is costly and laborious. So, many criminal gangs avoid cars that have VIN numbers on windows.

Think like a thief

Mention has already been made of both organised car crime and opportunistic thieves. One of the best ways to keep your car safe is to think about the ways they operate.

For example, thieves sometimes watch petrol station forecourts. Never leave your car keys in the ignition when you’re going to pay and lock up before you pay up. Also, on winter days, leaving your car running while you de-ice is fine, as long as you don’t nip indoors.

Preventing vehicle theft often hinges on being constantly alert and using the best safety systems to keep one step ahead. If you’re looking for safety solutions for your vehicle, contact our team today.

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