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BDL Barn Door Lock

The BDL prevents barn doors from being opened by locking the door against the frame of the trailer or container. Easy to use and highly resistant to attack, it is supplied with a heavy duty Abloy Protec padlock and key. 


A simple locking mechanism to combat and prevent the use of picking devices, typically used on the drivers door. 

Vanguard Deadlock

High security deadlock with patented Kaba Grundmann key system. Increasing the security for vehicles left unattended for a prolonged period of time. 


A heavy-duty locking system that has been designed to combat a variety of common methods of attack. Armourshell is a highly visual deterrent that is also durable to hammer, drill and picking tools 

OBD Port Protector

Combat the rising trend of vehicles being stolen by accessing the OBD port to copy or clone ignition keys. The OBD port Protection Devices prevents unauthorised use of the OBD Port. 

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