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Ideal for vehicles that need to be left running while the cab area is unattended. Maple Drivelock is a proven hands-free immobiliser that cuts the engine and locks the handbrake if an unauthorised person attempts to operate the vehicle. 

Acer Green Immobiliser

A convenient 3-cut immobiliser based around Maple‚Äôs passive transponder technology. When armed the multi-circuit immobiliser will isolate strategic circuits, without any action required by the driver. 

Key Out Immobiliser

The Maple Keyout system allows the vehicle engine to continue running after the keys have been removed from the ignition. This allows the continued operation of ancillary equipment without the threat of flat batteries or oppourtunist vehicle theft. 

Anti HiJack Device

Activated by a threat event, the system electronically degrades the throttle & limits the speed of a vehicle to a near zero level. This allows the legal & safe movement of the vehicle, but renders it useless to operate effectively. 

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