Traditional locking and sealing methods for commercial vehicles are outdated and vulnerable to misuse. They offer little protection to your goods in transit and provide no tangible accountability.

Manual systems that consist of disposable single use seals, padlocks or seal cables are wholly reliant on individuals using them correctly and arguably raise many more questions than they resolve. Was the vehicle locked, who has a key for the padlock, was the seal applied correctly (or did it merely appear to be), was the load area accessed en route, when and by whom? In short is the control and integrity of your goods in transit sufficient? 


Next Generation of Vehicle Sealing & Load Integrity 

Developed specifically for use on commercial vehicles and trailers, Integritas revolutionises the sealing and locking of vulnerable load areas. For the first time you can guarantee the integrity of your vehicle and its cargo is maintained at all times, introducing a level of clarity never previously experienced.

An automatic, electronic tamper evident security seal with integrated lock, Integritas is a self-powered solution that delivers the ultimate in reliability and user friendly operation.

Integritas completely automates sealing procedures, with each and every door event captured as part of a comprehensive audit trail, including seal number, door status, date and time of event.

No ambiguity, no grey areas, no questions – Integritas, the next generation of vehicle sealing and load integrity. 

Features & Benefits  

  • Suitable for shutter or barndoor applications
  • Automatically generated 5 digit electronic seal number upon door closure (random or sequential)
  • Choice between Touchkey or keyless PIN number operation
  • Slamlock action: Doors are locked as soon as the door handle is securely engaged (optional)
  • Reduces operational costs and returns impressive ROI
  • No additional sealing cables to administer
  • Removes vulnerabilities of dated sealing methods
  • High visibility LED display
  • Seal status viewable at all times
  • Audit trail capabilities                             
  • Self-powered system with long life battery



 Upgradable Options

  • Emergency PIN Access (in event of lost TouchKey or locked inside load area)             
  • Displays ‘SEAL BROKEN’ message in the event of unauthorised access



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