Automatic Locking Solutions
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An air operated heavy duty mechanical non solenoid slamlock, designed specifically, for roller shutter door applications; it can be operated through the use of the vehicles auxiliary air supply or by a separate air reservoir / compressor. 


Integritas is a keyless, tamper evident, electronic seal that simplifies and automates vehicle sealing procedures. A completely self-powered solution, Integritas can be fitted to shutter or barndoor applications. 

Barndoor Freightlock

An internally mounted, air operated, heavy duty mechanical slamlock designed for barn / swing door trailer applications. Freightlock is widely regarded as the best security lock of its type available on the market. 

Activlock Range

Activlock OE converts the existing central locking of your panel van into a slamlock action; once the door is shut, it locks. The system can be made to work from the existing original equipment remote control. 


This key operated external lock converts ‘throw-over’ door handles to a slamlock action. Ensuring that your drivers never loose a padlock again and that the vehicle load area is always secured. 

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