Driver Assist & Reversing Aids
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SafeConnect helps to protect drivers against crushing & trailer rollaway incidents during the coupling of service lines. SafeConnect is a pneumatic safety valve, that ensures a trailers braking system is permanently applied throughout the coupling process 

Handbrake Warning Alarm

Advisor is an in-cab warning device that will alert the driver if they fail to engage the vehicle handbrake prior to exiting the vehicle. 

Handbrake Interlock

Prevent vehicle rollaways with the Handbrake Interlock. An air operated shoot bolt fitted to the driver's door that physically prevents the driver from exiting the cab until the parkbrake is correctly applied. 

Nearside Sensor System

The Nearside Protection System is an automatic sensor that engages at low speeds and is designed to warn the driver if their tractor unit steps or bumpers are too close to an obstacle, pedestrian or obscured cyclist, whilst carrying out restricted manoeuv 

Reversing Alarm / Reversing Bleeper

Reversing alarm that automatically activates once reverse gear is selected. Available as a speaking tone or beeping alarm, the 97dB sound can be clearly heard at distance. 

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