Safety Solutions

Driver Assist & Reversing Aids

A range of solutions that have been designed to improve vehicle safety by alerting drivers of obstacles and or pedestrians that may appear in the blind spot, whilst reversing, manoeuvring in tight spaces or even turning. The use of driver aids has been proven to reduce accident damage and potential insurance claims by injured parties.

Load Safety

With increasing focus on load safety and load restraint by VOSA it is imperative to take adequate precautions to stabilise a load and prevent movement during transit. Maple Fleet Services provide load restraint solutions for ambient, refrigerated and dual temperature vehicles.

Vehicle Surveillance

There is no substitute for actual footage when seeking evidence of a road traffic accident or suspected theft. We offer a wide selection of vehicle mounted CCTV solutions, suitable for all manner of application and to suit any budget.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 July 2017 06:38