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Aug 2016 - Top 10 Van Security Tips

In 2014, vehicle theft reached it's lowest point in half a century. But now criminals are hitting back, exploiting new techniques to overcome manufacturers security systems to illicitly access and steal vehicles and their contents; The trends are now in regression, with vehicle theft up for the first time in 20 years.



July 2016 - Demand for enhanced vehicle security at an all time high as migrant threat intensifies

Attacks against drivers, smashed windscreens, migrants clinging to a trailers roof and violent diversions. Just a selection of incidents in the past few weeks that truck drivers have had to face whilst trying to negotiate the Calais border. The object remains the same, migrants trying to conceal themselves within the vehicle in order to gain entry to the UK but the tactics and methods being employed are becoming increasingly desperate and more extreme.

April 2016 - Five men jailed for biscuit heist

Five men jailed after strategically planning a string of heists including £20,000 worth of biscuits. They were also involved in other robberies that amounted to roughly £60,000 worth of load being stolen, excluding any damage done to the vehicles and biscuit theft.

It's worrying how thieves are strategically planning robberies and showing no remourse once they have been caught.


FEB 2016 - Panel van owners are being targetted by thieves using a picking device


The manufacturers are aware of the 'device' (tibbe lock pick) that exists to access their van without leaving any trace of entry.

There's been a number of reports of van theft, with thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen affecting the victim's livelihood. Most recent reports coming from Ryde, Newport and Sandown with similar thefts reported across the UK. Hampshire police believe a 'device' is being used to gain access to the vehicles.

Transport Companies Alerted to the Importance of Suitable Truck Locks & Vehicle Seals

The recent strike action by French ferry workers has once again thrust the issue of illegal stowaways back into public focus. Whilst scenes of increasingly desperate migrants accessing moving trucks succeeded in delivering the required shock factor, the truth is that this threat is nothing new.


Pan-European carriers in the cross hairs

Picture the scene; you’re a driver for a pan-European logistics company. You collected your cargo, signed the manifest and hit the road. After 4 hours continuous driving you arrive at your delivery point, jump out of the cab and realise the seal is broken on your load area doors and half your cargo is missing…but how could that have happened if you never stopped?!

This is no hypothetical situation, it’s a scenario that is presenting itself with all too common regularity across Europe. What started as seemingly tall tales about cargo mysteriously disappearing despite drivers not making any stops en route, has now been confirmed and recognised as a very serious and quickly emerging tactic, employed by organised criminal gangs.