Case Studies

"A tick in the box that saved £80,000 worth of stolen goods!"

That’s the conservative estimate of the amount of money saved by retail distributor Palmer & Harvey recently, when an attempt was made to break into a number of their vehicles.

Thieves broke into the Palmer & Harvey office and managed to access the vehicle key storage area, with the intent of unlocking vehicles stocked in the yard. Unbeknown to the ‘would be’ thieves, Palmer & Harvey utilise the Maple RFID Keyless Twin Freightlock System. This system allows Palmer & Harvey to program the individual keys, enabling and disabling them within a predetermined set time period. So despite having stolen the keys, access to the vehicles was still denied, the locks on the vehicles remained firmly closed and the vehicles fully secured.

From ‘Zero to Hero’ - How DFDS Logistics-Norfolkline created a new revenue stream in a high value transportation segment using Veriwsie & Maple Fleet Services.

DFDS Logistics – Norfolkline, like most companies operating within logistics at the start of 2007, started to feel the cold chill of an approaching “financial storm”. Little did they appreciate then that the darkening clouds on the horizon would soon develop into the full scale hurricane we were all exposed to.

The waste industry has gained a reputation as one of the most lethal industries to work in. At it’s peak the accident rate reached almost five times the national average, with fatalities a staggering 10 times the average. WISH (Waste Industry Safety & Health Forum) and the HSE have demonstrated a commitment to driving these figures down over the course of the last few years, however, leading industry commentators point to the fact that there is still much improvement to be made in order to reach acceptable levels.

‘Good Practice Guidance,’ produced by WISH & the HSE calls for a greater emphasis on Safe Working Practices, encouraging operators to identify potential risks and put in place reasonable preventative measures. One such area of concern is that of unattended vehicles;

As Panasonic Computer Product Solutions preferred installation partner, Maple Fleet Services were recently commissioned to install more than 50 Tough Book Computers on behalf of East Sussex Fire & Rescue. With a multitude of different fire appliances to work on and some strict schedules to adhere to, it proved a challenging and rewarding project in equal measure.

Vehicle downtime for any fleet operator can be problematic and it is imperative that any scheduled works are completed as efficiently as possible; For the Emergency Services, perhaps more than most this requirement is magnified even further. For specialist vehicle installer, Maple Fleet Services however, it’s a familiar challenge and as Stephen Allen of East Sussex Fire & Rescue explains it proved to be a seamless roll-out project;

In common with many Brigades across the county, The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue has experienced increasing problems of damage caused to its Fire Appliances and their equipment, either through theft or vandalism. These incidents generally occur when the crew is busy tending to an emergency and the vehicle may be left unattended and vulnerable to attack. Besides the monetary value associated with the equipment loss there are the obvious serious concerns associated with the general public's health & safety and those of the crew's ability to deliver an affective level of service during an incident.

With a lack of obvious solutions in the market, that would conform to our requirements Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service approached Maple Fleet Services, who have a history of providing High Security bespoke locking solutions. We supplied a detailed design brief with the emphasis on reliability, simplicity of use in service and a built in fail-safe mechanism. The product that Maple developed is called the 'Mini Freightlock,' a product designed initially for use by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare goods are among the most highly scrutinised and strictly controlled in the logistics industry. It is imperative that the supply chain is tightly controlled and the integrity of the products is never compromised. The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) enforces strict guidelines and regulatory requirements laid down by the EU for operators involved with the delivery of medicinal products.

Arguably the most vulnerable part of the supply chain is when goods are in transit and more exposed to potential threats. Delivering thousands of consignments every day to hospitals, wholesalers, pharmacies and GP Practices, UDG understand the complexities and risks that exist in this specialist industry more than most.

Paul Mathew Transport are the leading suppliers of transport services to the Theatre and specialist events industry, with more than 150 trailers on their fleet.

Boasting a large and impressive client list, projects can range from one-off contracts to touring with large scale events and theatre tours. It’s a specialist logistics operation that is defined by tight schedules with little room for manoeuvre, there can be no excuses for missing deadlines as in true theatrical style the show must go on.